The Weekly Leader newspaper from 1908, published in Chesterhill, OH

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First Round of Renovations Completed at Union Hall Theater

A $25,000 grant from the State of Ohio to the Village of Chesterhill paid for the replacement of all of the windows, exterior doors and damaged tin ceiling tiles in the theater. Heating and cooling of the theater will be much more efficient due to the new windows and doors.

Although these upgrades represent a big step forward in the revival of this 100-year-old theater, donít expect the place to look brand spanking new yet. The volunteers who operate the theater now need to raise a similar amount of money to have it painted and get new lighting.

The funds were appropriated in 2008 by the 127th General Assembly of the State of Ohio and administered by the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission. Jimmy Stewart, State Representative at that time, was instrumental in convincing the Assembly to consider this allocation of funds. The construction work was completed by Flecto LLC of Norwich, Ohio after a competitive bidding process.

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